Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dare to be Different…

So, here’s the thing… Ctonics is not your average shampoo. In fact, when you first use it, it’s almost a little disconcerting as you squeeze the quarter-sized dollop into your hand and realize that it’s opaque dark brown. Plus, there is a little ritual involved…a double wash with not much lather on the first round, leave it on your hair for two Ctonics Bioactive Organic Hair Careminutes kind of ritual. But, persevere…because this organic hair care product line is quite wonderful and your hair will look and feel truly healthy. In fact, I really needed a haircut when I started using Ctonics and totally thought I looked like a shaggy dog. But, people were all of a sudden telling me how great my hair looked. Go figure…

Ctonics is a line of "live bioactive organic hair tonics," which also contain natural essential oils. The goal is to detoxify, cleanse and get your scalp healthy so it’s a "fertile foundation for healthy hair to grow."

Developed by Hollywood hairstylist, Campbell McAuley (has worked with Kate Winslet, Claire Danes and Katherine Heigl), respected holistic practitioner, Dr. Julian Neil, and aromatherapist, Aleksandra Neil, the tonics and elixirs (conditioners) are derived from live, bioactive, organic clays, along with water, oils, nut proteins and other herbs and botanicals. The bioactive Ctonics Bioactive Organic Hair Careclay, which naturally cleanses the hair and scalp is truly a live product, like raw foods are live. The company even recommends that you either refrigerate the tonics and elixirs or keep them in a cool place out of direct sunlight to keep the bioactive formula alive and at peak potency, also evidently the reason for the dark brown opaque bottles. Ctonics is also vegan and never tested on animals. One final note…Ctonics says that after using the tonics regularly, you will no longer need a conditioner at all.

There are seven products in the line, five cleansing tonics for different hair types and two conditioning elixirs. You can find out what’s best for your hair and purchase them at

SOURCE: White Apricot
AUTHOR: Carrie Pollare, Editor

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