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CTONICS: The People Behind

CAMPBELL MCAULEY was born in Australia and at the age of 14 began the four-year apprenticeship required in Australia to become a certified hairdresser. At 16, the prodigious stylist-to-be was named Australian Junior Champion. At 18, Campbell went to London where he trained at the Vidal Sassoon salon. His editorial career in film, television, and print magazines began by working with Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes on the UK press and premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet.”

Campbell then moved to the palm latitudes of Hollywood where his first US job found him reunited with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as his female co-star Kate Winslet, on the blockbuster film Titanic. Winslet has remained a client since, and been joined by many of her peers—Claire Danes, Cameron Diaz and Kyra Sedgwick among them—as well as the cream of the new breed, including Rachel Bilson, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Katherine Heigl.

Personally, a growing interest in alternative medicine, healing and spirituality was developing alongside Campbell’s professional career. “True beauty,” opines McAuley, “is an enhancement of each woman’s own unique natural beauty. To manifest that beauty as a hair stylist is my goal, as well as my privilege.” To see Campbell’s editorial work go to: Campbell McAuley

DR JULIAN NEIL is a holistic practitioner, iridologist, spiritual psychologist, and yoga master in private practice in Los Angeles who specializes in the mind/body/spirit healing of all illnesses. Dr. Neil has been privileged to have the teachings of naturopathic and nutritional medicine, yogic science, and, finally, shamanic wisdom personally bestowed upon him by many of the world’s leading masters. Dr. Neil has appeared as an expert in naturopathic medicine on national television and radio, as well as in publications. He has taught, lectured, and studied in countries around the globe, and continues to travel the world, bringing ancient and modern technologies and remedies to his healing practice. One cornerstone of his practice is the belief that the intrinsic, holistic, intuitive and nourishing healing of nature functions effortlessly, and spontaneously once one has removed obstruction or resistance. True harmony with nature then becomes established in the profound knowledge of the true self.

In 1988, Dr. Neil founded the Gurudev Yoga Center and Healing Clinic where his motto has been to “educate not medicate”. He has taught the gentle art of self-healing to thousands of patients, therapists of all types, students, yogis, and physicians. He has served as the West Coast Consultant/Director to the Foundation for the Advancement of Cancer Therapy (FACT) one of the worlds leading organizations in alternative cancer therapy.

In 2003, Dr. Neil joined the medical board and board of trustees of the National Association For Child Development (NACD) a pioneer international organization dedicated to the advancement of cognitive and developmental function of all children with a unique focus on special needs clientele. In 2004 he became NACD'S Director of Health working with families and their children around the world adding a dimension, which expanded and facilitated the programs to produce exceptional results. Dr. Neil also currently serves as the Health consultant to HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher. His new book, "All The Rules Are The Same" with a forward by Bill Maher is scheduled to be published in 2009. For further information and to contact Dr Neil, you can email:

ALEKSANDRA NEIL is an Aromatherapist, yoga teacher and healer. Her education started very early in her homeland of Croatia by training with her herbalist grandmother. Aleksandra uses pure organic essential oils as a universal language to bring joy and balance to people’s lives. Her philosophy of creating scents is based on the transcendent nonverbal communication that the complexity and richness of inhaling the fragrance derived from organic, raw materials conveys.

Aleksandra is the artist and founder of the perfume and oil company Gitane Oils, which creates a wide range of products from personal perfume blends to massage oils and healing potions supplied to healers and holistic practitioners around the world. She also teaches pre-natal yoga in Los Angeles.

SOURCE: Ctonics

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